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Some of the most coveted items and services are hidden from plain sight. To uncover the cachet, one must be a luxury insider. From Hermes bags, watches, jewellery, wine, art and automobiles to antiquities and truly elusive items, Rare & Unique offers a risk-free way to source anything you desire.

The team command extensive knowledge of each niche, ensuring your procurement needs will be handled by real experts who have an intricate understanding of the market.

After acquisition, clients also benefit from the fact Rare & Unique boast the largest number of fully-insured carriers in the industry, guaranteeing a risk and hassle-free purchase and delivery.

Making the unattainable attainable, no matter the hour, Rare & Unique is always on-call to obtain and deliver precious items anywhere in the world.

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Corporate Services

Utilised by respected brands and concierge companies, Rare & Unique’s corporate services can enhance the experience of your clients and help expand your service provision at a moment’s notice.

Working as an extension of your brand, the Rare & Unique team will uphold and align to your values. This allows us to proactively operate as your brand, delivering impeccable results and efficiently dealing with your requests.

Offering full-support, seven days a week and 24 hours a day, via a team who understand the inner mechanics of servicing high-net-worth individuals, your company and clients will beneift immeasurably from Rare & Unique’s truly expert service.

We know most out of this world requests have been promised before; we know this because our team members have all previously worked for leading concierge services . Our service is exceptional; we don’t over-promise and under-deliver, ever.

Sell With Us

Selling your luxury item is a hassle-free process with Rare & Unique. Boasting access to networks in a variety of niches, Rare & Unique obtains the best possible outcome for our sellers.

Understanding that each sale is unique, the Rare & Unique team will develop a strategy based on your individual requirements. Whether you wish to obtain a quick sale to get cash in the bank or are seeking the best possible price, Rare & Unique can align the process to meet your needs.

Anyone can sell an item but few can act in your best interests and exceed expectations time after time. For a truly professional sale contact Rare & Unique today.

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